Yes to solidarity – when we benefit


I happen to live in a wealthy country, one of our wealthiest, but it wasn’t always so. In fact our wealth was thrown upon us, following the exploitation of the North Sea oil resources, some forty years ago.

In the wake of World War 2 our country was in desperate need of funds, provided, among others, by the U.S. Marshall plan, enabling the rebuilding of our country’s economy.

One would expect, now that fellow European countries Ireland, Greece and Italy’s (and then some) economies have hit rock bottom, that we’d exercise the kind of solidarity we expect of them, by joining the European Union, sharing our unspeakable abundance. But no. Actually, the latest polls show that no more than 26 percent of Noway’s population are in favour of an EU membership.

If we were the ones in need, on the other hand…

So much for our solidarity.

My apologies go to Ireland, Greece, Italy – and other European economies at risk. It is no consolation, I suppose, that it all makes me feel less and less Norwegian – and, if it was up to me, that we’d join the European Union in a heartbeat, pitching in where we could.

64 percent (the rest, 26 percent in favour, ten percent undecided) says we won’t. An appalling way of saying “Up yours, Europe”, but there you have it.

P.S. This is a Norwegian-spoken blog, but apologising to foreigners in my own tongue seemed a little… Well, you know.

P.P.S. Insofar that we indeed are concerned, it is with regards to how the crisis may affect us.

P.P.P.S. Former Minister of foreign affairs Mr Thorvald Stoltenberg once proclaimed that tearing down the Berlin wall and the iron curtain would prove easier than securing a Norwegian EU membership. I’m not sure if he realised, at the time, how right he was. Until the oil reserves run dry, that is. Let’s talk again then.

Denne bloggen er blottet for intensjoner om interaksjon, men man fremstår jo nødig feig, så kommentarfeltet er åpent. In general comments are not encouraged, as I rarely have the time to engage in discussions, but please feel free, if you so desire.

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