Happy Birthday, America

Captain Puerto RicoI know you’ve received a lot of grievance over the years, not at least from me – and some times justifiably so (I’m sure you will agree, in hindsight, that invading Iraq maybe wasn’t the smartest move). Remember then, that it’s all to do with high expectations, given that we hold you to the highest of standards.

We shudder at the thought of being left with the alternative, as we see it unfold in the former Soviet Union, and yet we keep serving you nothing but spite.

But it’s all out of love, you know.

So happy 4th of July, America! Deep down we really wouldn’t want to have you any. Other. Way.

Denne bloggen er blottet for intensjoner om interaksjon, men man fremstår jo nødig feig, så kommentarfeltet er åpent. In general comments are not encouraged, as I rarely have the time to engage in discussions, but please feel free, if you so desire.

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