Nedtegnelser in English

I never quite managed to get my head around the fact that a significant amount of my readers hail from countries other than my own, even though it is written in my native tongue, which is Norwegian, a language spoken by a measly five million people.

Back when I published my first websites some 20 odd years ago the Norwegian online community was way too small to bother with a “home page” in Norwegian. There wasn’t much of a domestic blogosphere to speak of when I launched my first blog either, back in 2003, rendering my first five years of blogging partially English.

Many blogs have since passed, leaving me blogging solely in Norwegian for years on end, which really isn’t fair, considering the vast number of foreign visitors. However, instead of launching yet a blog in English, I opted for making Nedtegnelser (Notes) bilingual, with posts in English found in the above menu.

Growing international unrest and instability has brought about an increase in posts relating to global affairs for which domestic readers in general have a somewhat limited interest, prompting the need to address foreign readers, who will stand a chance at grasping one’s ramblings, for a change.

Also, I could really use the practice.

Thank you so much for bearing with my Norwegian meanderings thus far. I hope you will find some of my future writings a little less challenging.

Denne bloggen er blottet for intensjoner om interaksjon, men man fremstår jo nødig feig, så kommentarfeltet er åpent. In general comments are not encouraged, as I rarely have the time to engage in discussions, but please feel free, if you so desire.

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