Trump, Putin at the helm – NATO in disarray

The Obama administration has already set wheels in motion, in order to force Europe to take more responsibility – financially and otherwise – for international military operations, as well as for the defence of Europe itself, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, with U.S. protests looming for years.

In all fairness we Europeans need to appreciate the reasonability in America’s demand – and rise to the occasion, with outlooks becoming gloomier by the day, and threats, not only from terrorists, but also from Russia, hovering, quite literally:

Norwegian F16 fighter intercepting a Russian Tupolev TU-160. Photograph: Norwegian armed forces.
Norwegian F16 fighter intercepting a Russian Tupolev TU-160. Photograph: Norwegian armed forces.

It is generally understood that, in terms of security, Europe needs America more than the other way around, which of course is why we, unlike America, depend on NATO.

In spite of America’s continued disgruntle a U.S. withdrawal from the alliance has been considered far-fetched, until recent months, as these two gentlemen at the helm seems an ever-likelier outcome:

Consider, then, the potential threat levels, as well as the Trump administration’s lack of motivation to remain in NATO, if said candidate’s declared intention to reduce America’s defence contributions in Europe should be put into effect.

Then consider this possible consequence of a U.S. withdrawal:

You may like it or not, but Europe awaits America’s presidential election in fearful anticipation, with Trump emerging the victor a distinct probability.

Should it come to that, Europe needs to take a hard look at its own wound up WEU (Western European Union) as well as EUFOR.

As for us Norwegians, neither EU members nor (no longer) members of the potentially disbanded NATO, I’d say that our, nay the world’s, prospects seem rather bleak.

With that said, of course we all hope to see NATO pass the test with flying colours, but we would all be well-advised to realise that a Trump victory doesn’t exactly help. Let us at least agree that a NATO lead by Donald J. Trump (let’s admit it; NATO is U.S. lead, after all) does not bode well for the alliance’s future.

Also, we should remember that other than the cold war, Russo-Norwegian relations have been amicable for centuries, with no sign of Russian aggression.

Then of course, Norwegian oil and gas reserves weren’t factors to be considered at the time …

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