Clash of civilisations in full bloom?

Following news as they unravel one cannot help but feel a sense of shock, and sympathy for those affected by the Orlando shooting, claiming 50 victims (killed, in addition to 53 wounded) in the gay nightclub Pulse, in what is referred to as the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Still, it is impossible, in spite of the immediate reactions, not to ponder the wider consequences of revelations that the culprit has been identified as a U.S. national of Afghan origin, and therefore, with all probability, a Muslim, whose rage against gay behaviour allegedly inspired this evil deed. Which is a crying shame, as I personally perceived the first reports of “domestic terrorism” as a sign that the attack had been carried out, not by Muslims, but by All-American “Christians”.

Not that it would in any way alleviate the tragic loss, but it certainly wouldn’t contribute to an increased tension between the western world and Muslims of different creeds and nationalities – as opposed to what we now know.

If anything it entails yet another nail in the Clinton campaign’s coffin, as The Donald’s relentless crusade against Muslims around the world today received a boost not to be taken lightly.

Today I even have to admit an ever so slight sting of anger with Muslims, in a why-the-effing-eff-did-you-have-to-be-an-effing-Muslim-you-stupid-eff kind of way, knowing full well that I’m probably not alone.

Sadly, however, an ever-growing number of dumbfounded Americans and Europeans are likely to blame the collective Islam.

My prophecy, oh mighty Prophet “followers”?




Hell yeah.


Thought as much. I think we need to appreciate that a heightened level of tension is much desired on both sides of the fence.

This time around, I fear, they got what they bargained for, once more; a full-fledged clash of civilisations, however misunderstood.

Illustration: Old drawing from blog’s archives, personally drawn.

4 thoughts on “Clash of civilisations in full bloom?

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