Britain will survive – at a cost

I’ve said it before and I’m more than happy to reiterate:

I fear not for Britain’s future, should the upcoming referendum yield a resounding nay to a continued EU membership. They will manage, as they always have, resourceful as they are, in every conceivable way.

But I do fear for Europe, of which the UK will remain a considerable party, even as an EU outsider, reverting to the disintegration so describing of Europe up until the end of the second world war – or rather; the 1952 formation of the Coal and Steel Community (i.e. today’s EU).

Of course leaving the European Union won’t protect the UK from the unrest that follows and much hardship is to be expected, certainly for the EU, but even more so for those very few outside it (ask any Norwegian).

I think it would be safe to say that the influx in immigration plays a vital part in the British electorate’s desire to leave, which is the strangest thing, of course, as their EU membership is nothing to do with the immigration issue (again, ask any Norwegian).

EU flag. Blogger's own painting.
EU flag. Blogger’s own painting.

The huge increase in immigration, seen all over Europe, among EU members and non-members (such as Norway) alike, relates to poverty and unrest in other parts of the world, not in the European Union, coupled with better work conditions, included pay, than that of the former Eastern Europe.

There’s no way that an EU withdrawal is going to absolve the United Kingdom of its obligations under international law, leaving the country firmly positioned at square one.

Asking what they will have won springs to mind. The answer, of course, is nothing. What they, and Europe as a whole, will lose, on the other hand, is an altogether different question, with so many answers that I would hesitate to even begin to list them.

Dear Britons, whom we love for all your admirable traits, I know you won’t hear me, but if you did, I hope you would take the time to consider the impact your decision will have, not only on you, but on us all.

Keep calm and stay in the EU. Blogger's own illustration.
Keep calm and stay in the EU. Blogger’s own illustration.

Whatever that decision may be, you will survive, albeit at a cost. One that I fear you’re really not prepared to pay.

I am ashamed, beyond your wildest imagination, to be citizen of a country whose only interest is its own (and whose contributions to NATO is motivated by its potential need for NATO’s aid, and for no other reason), but please do not go down that self-centred path, especially when it will only give you grief, and may well cost you Scotland (and, I suspect; Ulster), calling for independence once more, should you choose to ignore it.

You may well find that a Brexit won’t only break Europe, but Britain, too, as we’ve come to love and respect it.

At the risk of coming across as a tad too schmaltzy; whatever you do, please …

It’ll break more hearts than you can imagine.

At any rate your No will stand as a confirmation that in this time and age it is every man for him self – and that every man indeed is an island.

Some of us would hate that to be the case.

Top illustration: A Brexit Breaks it. Blogger’s own drawing.

P.S. The number of self-made EU illustrations (I have many more!) should serve as an indication of my dedication to the European Union, that I’m left to love – from afar.)

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