Go ahead, punks

As a lifelong Anglophile I’d be lying in claiming that Friday 24 June 2016 wasn’t spent in pain, mourning and profound shock, still resounding on the following day, coupled with feeble attempts at looking ahead – which is exactly what I endeavour to do with the above map.

Granted today’s news bear tidings of a petition calling for a second EU referendum, but is Westminster really prepared to expose this week’s referendum as the farce it indeed was? So far the petition has reached the support of over a million Brits, and 100,000 is all it takes for the Parliament to consider it, and considered it will be, but I fear that is as far as they’re willing to go.

After all, if the British population was stupid enough not to take the referendum seriously, they honestly do not deserve it. This week saw the British tearing up, not only their relations with the rest of Europe, but their very own country, including Scotland and Ulster, of whom both wanted to remain, to such a degree that Scots even call for a second indepence referendum, in order to leave the UK and remain EU members – perhaps as a renegotiated continuation of the UK membership.

The upside of latter days’ events is a golden opportunity to solve the Irish problem, once and for all, by allowing Ulster to join the Republic of Ireland, putting an end to the ancient controversy. And yes, there’s the loyalists, often, due to their heritage, referred to as Ulster Scots, who shouldn’t find it too hard to adhere – or relocate to their ancestral land, just across the strait from Bangor.

All resulting in the following division of the British isles (not to be confused with the British islands, which doesn’t include the Republic of Ireland):

  • A united Ireland, comprising Ulster and the Republic of Ireland, EU members
  • Scotland, EU members
  • Wales and England, Non-EU members

Of which only the latter two wanted to leave the European Union, and whose proximity and inter-dependency substantiates a union of their own, as the remnants of the United Kingdom.

(Or better still: A united Scotland-Ireland, together, in the EU?)

Neither of which likely to promote peace, stability, prosperity and democratic development in Europe or the world, I’d say on the contrary, but at least it would offer the English, the Welsh, the Scots and the Irish a chance to actually get their will – which, after all, is the point of a referendum, wouldn’t you say?

Also, it actually is a very likely outcome.

Of course neither solution bodes well for Europe or any of the potentially new nations, but you know what they say:

You reap what you sow.

My take?

Go ahead punks, make my day. This up until recently devoted Anglophile just considered substituting his Queen’s English with American anyway*.

More of my Brexit drawings, graphics and montages:

Top illustration: The British isles, comprising three sovereign states: Ireland, Scotland and a united Wales-England (Wangland or Engles, maybe?), of which only the former two EU members. Bloggers own graphics.

*Also, remind me to stop referring to Northern Ireland as Ulster.

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