Today’s terror attack yet to be seen?

We see terrorist attacks occurring more or less on a daily basis, to such a degree that this blogger honestly is about to lose track. Certainly there’s the Istanbul airport attack on … Wednesday, was it? Followed by the attack on Afghan police troops in Kabul on Thursday. Friday saw the grisly attack on foreigners in a Dhaka restaurant, while hundreds were killed in a Baghdad bombing in the early hours of yesterday.

Honestly, I had to concentrate in order to get the chronology right, but in truth I’ve really given up on keeping tabs.

The attack on Istanbul’s Atatürk international airport wasn’t even possible, judging by the boundless security measures in place, so you can’t help wondering, can you, if the French Police Nationale (formerly know as the Sûreté) – and what ever law enforcement agencies are involved – are equally prepared ahead of the upcoming Sunday’s Euro 2016 finale, to take place in Paris’s Stade de France, no more than seven months after the failed 13 November 2015 attempt, which, as we all remember, succeeded on numerous other Paris addresses on that fatal day.

Because if they are, the outcome may be just as bad.

Certainly there’s the metal detectors, the body searches and the trained eyes of countless police officers, but explosive devices come in a wide array of shapes, colours and materials, and if there’s one thing we know, it’s that potential assailants aren’t very likely to resemble the fellow I drew in the above cartoon, even if a bomb disguised as a football certainly is a thought.

There’s one more thing that we know; that the so-called Islamic State certainly hasn’t ignored the opportunity to make plans for an attack of such freakish dimensions, especially considering that its last attempt failed so disastrously (depending on point of view), at least when it comes to the Stade de France, at the time harbouring France’s president François Hollande, who, along with his co-visitors, escaped without a scratch.

We can only hope that this Sunday’s attempts fail, too, but I think it’s safe to say that they will be made. However I will say this:

Terrorism is nothing to do with the damages caused by terrorist acts, but the terror (i.e. the fear) and destabilisation they instill, as any philologist might have told you. Viewed in that perspective it would be safe to say that the terrorists have indeed achieved what they set out to do. But can they be defeated?

Absolutely, but we will be advised to remember that, so long as there are causes worth fighting for (or maybe not), they will be succeeded by others. We may like it or not, but the war on terror is everlasting.

Today’s terror attack remains to be seen, though. Perhaps today will be one of those rare, terror-free occasions? Let’s hope so.

In conclusion it boils down to whether or not we are willing to let fear prevent us from leading our lives by our own choice.

Hell no.

Please note: The above drawing portrays a terrorist impersonating a Muslim, with all the ISIL trimmings. It is my firm belief that Muslims aren’t in the habit of killing innocents, but we need to appreciate that terrorists would have us believe otherwise.

Top illustration: An ISIL terrorist in front of the Stade de France. Bloggers own drawing, superimposed on stolen photograph (the football is stolen, too, except for the burning fuse).


Late edit: Of course it had to happen. Today’s terror attack took place in the Saudi city of Medina, not long ago.


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