When words fail, music speaks

When posting Sex Pistols’ Anarchy in the UK video on 25 June, two days after the shocking EU referendum, I had no idea that it would all turn into this kind of chaos. Not this soon.

So much of current UK goings on simply defies any conceivable logic, with one party leader after the other prime minister resigning, as the kingdom itself resigns from the continent to which it belongs. And of course we’re constantly reminded, wherever we look. Like today, for instance, upon seeing a UK-based Facebook friend (and EU migrant) posting this:

What a time to be in the UK.
What. A. Time.
*laughs maniacally with ice cream all over her face*

This Art of Noise 1984 classic, Close (to the edit), extract sprang to mind:

To be in England
in the summertime
with my love
close to the edge

Close to the edge indeed.

Leading to the conclusion that British politics are, perhaps, best described with music, for those rare occasions when you’re at a loss for words:

Top photograph: Yours truly.

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