Norwegian doping: Innocence lost

We are deeply shocked, not by the inconvenient fact that Norwegian athletes are just as dirty as foreign athletes, but by the media’s rude disclosure thereof.

Our reason for reacting in such a manner is simply that being Norwegian is synonymous with innocence, in our deep-rooted conviction that a Norwegian citizenship entails an inability to commit wrongdoing.

I can see no other reason why we currently rally around and protect one of our prominent skiers, who recently failed a doping test, in the wake of numerous compatriot athletes also to do so. Just as we protect our drink-driving athletes, simply because of their sporting performance – and, of course, our faith in Norwegian contestants’ purity. Just as we dismiss the very idea of Norwegian corruption, in business and government, as in sports.

This blogger, however, is convinced that we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Being Norwegian is, just as being British, no guarantee for innocence, much as we’d like to think otherwise. Which clearly comes as a bit of a shock to most of my fellow countrymen, regarding the offenders as victims.

Believe it or not.

Personally I’m shocked by the collective call for protection of athletic criminals, as I refuse to accept that we’re any better than other countries. Better still; I know we’re not.

Innocent appearances do little to change that conviction.

Photograph: Pills. Photographer: Matt Allworth/Flickr.

One thought on “Norwegian doping: Innocence lost

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