Here’s hoping

It may strike you as more than a little odd that, as Norwegian as I am, I could sleep my way through a Norwegian election night, like a baby, whereas an American one is more likely to deprive me of same.

Which only goes to show how inconsequential Norwegian elections really are, in the greater scheme of things, as opposed to the one taking place on the other side of the Atlantic today.

While refraining from encouraging votes in favour of any candidate in particular, especially today, I simply hope today’s turnout turns out to be considerable, fully aware there’s every chance that in any event, tonight will indeed be sleepless.

Whether I get a brief shut-eye or not, in the hope that, unlike the day following Germany’s very democratic federal election in March 1933, we all wake up to a relatively safe world tomorrow, I can only say Godspeed, American friends.

And for Pete’s sake vote.

Illustration: Vote button, single-handedly drawn by yours truly this morning, before I even managed to finish my first cup of joe (and yes, folks, that is how much this means, to every single individual on this planet).

One thought on “Here’s hoping

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