Oh, the humanity!

Unrelated to any occasion, incident or event in particular, one finds that, distant as it may be (as seen from a remote island, at any rate), the state of this world, as it unravels on the computer screen, makes one appreciate one’s stoic disposition all the more.

On a lighter note it is the wife’s birthday, as well as a childhood friend’s, both happy occasions, serving as an excuse to leave the world be – if only for a thankful moment.

But oh. Oh the humanity!

Photograph: Watching the world (self-portrait).

Denne bloggen er blottet for intensjoner om interaksjon, men man fremstår jo nødig feig, så kommentarfeltet er åpent. In general comments are not encouraged, as I rarely have the time to engage in discussions, but please feel free, if you so desire.

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