Dear Mark, it’s not you, it’s me

Dear Mark,

You will – or more likely not – remember my tireless defence of your right to absolute sovereignty over all content shared by your users, which, in my view, is 100 percent fair, as the service you provide is, after all, yours and yours alone, as I’ve pointed out so many times, last Saturday included, especially during the Norwegian old school media assault on your social network and your very own person in particular, last September, most of which in Norwegian, I’m afraid (but there are translation services, as you may well know):

All pertaining to your removal of posts depicting Vietnamese napalm victim Phan Thị Kim Phúc, and the suspension of users reposting upon removal, causing a collective commotion among the Norwegian journalists, authors, public and editors, lead by the Aftenposten editor-in-chief Espen Egil Hansen, whose desperate cry for attention I’m sure you haven’t even heard of, let alone seen:

Of course I wouldn’t, unlike the above editor-in-chief, even dare to entertain the thought that this blog post does anything to change that, which is why I’m addressing you as a rhetorical measure, fully aware that you’ll never see it – in a hundred years or more. My scant audience, on the other hand, may find it useful.

I’m sure you wonder what this is all about, but it’s all very simple, really, as I woke up to this message this morning:

Shark penis Facebook

Accompanied by this message (my emphasis):

Review the Facebook community standards

We restrict the display of nudity. Some descriptions of sexual acts may also be removed. These restrictions on the display of both nudity and sexual activity also apply to digitally created content unless the content is posted for educational, humorous or satirical purposes.

We remove content that threatens or promotes sexual violence or exploitation. This includes solicitation of sexual material, any sexual content involving minors, threats to share intimate images and offers of sexual services. Where appropriate, we refer this content to law enforcement.

To learn more about the kinds of messages and posts that are allowed on Facebook, please review the Facebook Community Standards.

While my picture (which wasn’t really mine) was indeed intended for humorous purposes, if not educational, unlike Norwegian media I humbly respect your decision, as Facebook is yours to govern as you – not I or any other entity – see fit.

Like you I have from time to time been forced to deal with blog commenters that have been way out of line, posting blatant racism, for instance, and like you I have no patience with that sort. Which is why I not only respect, but support your decision to remove the above picture.

Just as my blog is mine, Facebook is yours and people simply cannot strut around there in the nude, as if they were in their own livingroom.

I will tell you this, though:

I prefer a place where I’m allowed to do as I please. You might even say that I prefer my own livingroom, if I may be so bold as to call my own blog so, seeing as the town square (i.e. Facebook) doesn’t really serve my purpose. Not that nudity or any other kind of indecency is likely to appear in these parts any time soon. Which is why it is with great pleasure I announce that I shall hereafter restrict my use of your otherwise excellent service to congratulating friends on their birthdays, while all other sharing and participation is restricted to this blog – and, possibly, Twitter, for the time being. Fully aware of the resulting drop in traffic figures, which never bothered me much anyway.

It is a far better approach, I think, than complaining loudly, like obstinate toddlers, in all conceivable media outlets, as some seem to prefer, out of disrespect for your undisputed right to manage Facebook as you – not they – see fit.

Also I fear your network’s days may soon be numbered, which contributes to my moving along, too.

But I would like to thank you for close to ten years of good company, assuring you that the decision isn’t about you at all. Au contraire it’s all me. And after all … Contrary to what some seem to believe, it is a damned sight easier to leave you than to fight you.

Respectfully yours etc,

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