Sanders support = Trump support?

Reluctant, as always, to point out that I told you so, this 2 August blog post outlines a very plausible reason why the Clinton campaign would fail completely three months later, as we now know it did, and how the Bernie Sanders followers not only paved way for, but actively sought a Trump triumph.

Man, do I understand the mechanics of politics!


On 19 July the up until recently unthinkable happened, as the Republican National Convention officially nominated Donald John Trump as the Republican Party’s presidential candidate in the upcoming U.S. general election, shortly followed by the Democratic National Convention, naming Hillary Rodham Clinton the Democratic Party’s candidate, after Bernie Sanders’ defeat.

It soon became clear that the Democratic primaries were rigged by the Democratic National Committee, perhaps a little overzealous in their efforts to defend the Democratic Party against the Bernie Sanders wing, easily construed as “external” plot makers, with an intent to drive a wedge between the mainstream core of the party and the Sanders wing. Which serves as no excuse, even if defence against infiltrating powers makes a lot of sense.

In other words the Hillary Clinton campaign finds itself battling not only Donald Trump, but the scorn and dismayed Bernie Sanders supporters, who, incidentally, may very well – and therefore – turn…

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