For how long will the European Union remain European?

The European parliament voted in favour of a motion calling for a freeze in the European Union’s accession talks with Turkey today – talks that perhaps shouldn’t be held in the first place, as only 3 percent of Turkey’s landmass, the occupied East Tracian territories on the European side of the Bosphorus (please note the strait’s Greek name), remains European, geographically speaking – culturally not so much.

The European part of Turkey. Tyrkia
The European part of Turkey.

As an avid federalist I’ve been advocating a federation encompassing more than just Europe, in which case it will no longer be European, of course, just as the prospective inclusion of Turkey will render the European Union everything but European.

That fact alone is an argument against inclusion, not just a suspension of talks. Just as deterring, of course, is a government prone to totalitarian ways.

Tyrkias president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (foto fra Wikipedia).
Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Photograph: Wikipedia.

Fully aware that I’m wasting my breath, I’d just like to reiterate my stand for the record, all for the future pleasure of being able to say “I hate to say I told you so”. That’s the kind of smug bastard I am.

But by all means, go ahead and make the European Union semi-European.

Interestingly I’m citizen of a European country, much like Great Britain not interested in being one, whereas the Turks are Asians with a burning desire to be just that.

It’s all beyond me.

Top photo: European flags in Brussels (photograph from the European Union).

2 thoughts on “For how long will the European Union remain European?

  1. I’ve noticed that British brexiters and remainers alike have faved and retweeted the Twitter link to this post, prompting my clarification:

    While I indeed fear for the EU’s future, I blame those with an intention to sabotage the union – not the union as such, and should point out that I consider continued membership, efforts and support the answer. Which includes opposing the ongoing dilution.

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