Who to trust in post-factual times?

Since we’ve long since established that news generally aren’t to be trusted in our post-factual/post-truth day and age, we also need to acknowledge that some “news” outlets are more or less notoriously mendacious, adding a truth or two to the mix for improved credibility.

Among whom Russia’s RT and Sputnik News/Sputnik International, both owned by Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, rank as the worst.

Normally I wouldn’t bother to share self-evident information of this nature. Considering, however, that I find myself completely dumbfounded by the extent to which friends and connections share RT and Sputnik’s false information (or point to them for support of their views), originating from the Kremlin, a quick reminder seems to be in order.

Granted Russian propaganda in no way eliminates the existence of western propaganda. I’ll be the first to admit that I acknowledge its existence*, in every sense of the word “acknowledge”, even if I try not to be among its conveyors.

You may of course ask why I gladly accept the odd occurence of western lies, while condemning the Russian equivalent.

For one the occurences are beyond any comparison. Secondly (but not least!) I consider myself a man of the west and of western democracies, who decades ago came to accept that propaganda must be met with propaganda. Which is to say that siding with my own side (would it be my side at all if I didn’t?) by no means implies taking any piece of western information at face value.

At least I acknowledge its function as a necessary countermeasure.

So long as you know that certain Russian outlets and their western cohorts, sadly growing in numbers (I’ll get back to that in a later post), under no circumstances are to be trusted.


*In fact I follow several western propaganda-intensive services with great interest.

2 thoughts on “Who to trust in post-factual times?

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