Let Manning go

Despite my obvious condemnation of U.S. Army soldier Chelsea Elizabeth Manning’s (born Bradley Edward Manning) actions, for which she was sentenced to 35 years’ imprisonment, there can be no doubt that her crime was nowhere near fellow traitor Edward Snowden’s.

There’s also very little doubt that she has expressed her sincere regret, and clearly suffers much pain and unnecessary hardship in prison, unproportional to her crime, grave as it is.

Unforgiving as I may seem in all matters relating to high treason, I would, nevertheless, urge clemency for Manning, considering that her name currently finds itself at President Obama’s desk, in the hope that he finds it in his heart to let her go.

Watercolour painting: Chelsea Elizabeth Manning (born Bradley Edward Manning, 17 Dec. 1987). Blogger’s illustration, by way of Waterlogue.

One thought on “Let Manning go

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