Slim outlook, despite occasional protests

U.S. President Trump’s rapid issue of fairly hostile executive orders haven’t failed to stir international contempt, despite UK PM Theresa May’s apparent praise.

Yesterday saw Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau’s Twitter statement:

As you may know, the blog you’re currently reading has a long history of slamming Norwegian governments, regardless the orientation, but today’s Twitter feed brought a pleasant surprise:

Seeing as I very rarely get a chance to take pride in my citizenship, I am happy to announce that today one felt an immediate urge to declare one’s nationality out loud, for a minute or two – until it dawned on me that our government is a coalition leaning to the right, including a Minister of Immigration and Integration from the far-right Progress Party, championing and enforcing Europe’s strictest immigration, refugee and asylum regime, which has, believe it or not, resounded quite well with a large portion of the Norwegian electorate.

Totalitarianism Authoritarianism dictature diktatur totalitarian authoritarian

Inspired by Donald Trump’s “success” Europe’s far-right parties stand to experience landslide victories in this year’s upcoming elections, including my own country, leaving yours truly very cautious, despite our own Minister of Foreign Affairs’ promising statement. On the contrary I fear the coming of an international nationalist movement, contradictory as it may sound, not unlike the one seen in the early stages of the 20th century.

Be that as it may, I am grateful for Mr. Brende’s public statement, offering a glimmer of hope, however small, even though I fear we’re not about to see him tweet #WelcomeToNorway any time soon.

Top photo: Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende (Conservatives). Source: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Flickr

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