Lihkku beivviin, sámi álbmogii!

Admittedly it took several hours until it dawned on me that not only today is the Sámi national day. It also marks the 100th anniversary for the first Sámi congress, held in Trondheim in 1917, which makes the day even more of an occasion to celebrate.

Foreign readers will observe that the Sámi people is an indigenous Finno-Urgic people inhabiting our northernmost regions, and then some, comprising somewhere between 37,890 and 60,000 individuals in Norway, according to Wikipedia, in addition to:

  • United States: 30,000 (which is news to me)
  • Sweden: 14,600–36,000
  • Finland: 9,350
  • Russia: 1,991
  • Ukraine: 136 (also news to me)

Deeply ashamed by my personal ignorance and lapse of memory, or, shall we say unawareness, I find that a flag-adorned blog post is in order, accompanied by a loud and resounding Lihkku beivviin, sámi álbmogii (happy birthday, Sámi people)!

Illustration: Sámi flag. Blogger’s drawing.

Denne bloggen er blottet for intensjoner om interaksjon, men man fremstår jo nødig feig, så kommentarfeltet er åpent. In general comments are not encouraged, as I rarely have the time to engage in discussions, but please feel free, if you so desire.

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