There’s no such thing as “healthy nationalism”

You will, I hope, agree that we live in dangerous times threatening to throw international politics and diplomacy off-balance – and an America already in apparent disarray.

Amid American and European nationalist advances Norway’s PM Erna Solberg yesterday made a case for what she labelled a “positive” and “healthy” brand of nationalism.

To clarify, then, Ms. Solberg, nationalism never brought about a “positive” or “healthy” development. Attributing positive values to an otherwise utterly negative ideology will contribute to nothing else than a continued legitimisation of nationalism – and all that it entails.

Nothing good ever came out of it.

We eagerly await a retraction.

P.S. I have noticed, upon sharing this blog post in social media, that some confuse nationalism and patriotism, and have to admit that while in everyday life nationalism indeed does include moderate expressions of homeland affection, in politics it never does. With a blog post focused on the political aspects of nationalism, there really isn’t much room for confusion, though.

Photo: Norway’s Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives). Photographer: Tomas Moss –

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