No laughing matter?

We all know the story of President Trump’s unlawful dismissal of SDNY US Attorney Preet Bharara yesterday, despite the President’s November assurances to the contrary, after the news broke on Twitter yesterday:

Appalled as I am, by the sum total of President Trump’s conduct in general, this particular dismissal included, there’s no denying that my stance is strongly influenced by the Brits’ humourous approach to Der Führer during WW2, which is why I’m taken aback by a very solemn reprimand for joking remarks on those taking Trump’s words at face value.

After all this President is not to be trusted. Is he?

No, I didn’t think so, so please forgive the lack of surprise every time he proves me right, and, perhaps, the amusement when ever I hear of people who are (surprised).

Granted I do not expect my fellow Trump critics to share my amused – yet downcast – approach. Seeing, however, that the approach worked so well for Britain back in the day, I reserve the right to follow suit.

Donald Trump shower

Which is not to say that I’m not appalled by yesterday’s news. Believe me, I am. If in doubt, please see my Trump postings. However, with despicable news pouring out of The White House on a daily basis, the best approach is to treat it with the ridicule it deserves.

That is my take anyway. But I wouldn’t dream of imposing it on you.

Top photo: President Donald J. Trump hosting “The Apprentice” in his pre-presidential days. Screendump with blogger’s added subtitling.

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