Hvil i fred, Steinar Mediaas

Først i går kveld ble jeg oppmerksom på at Steinar Mediaas er død, etter lang tids sykeleie.

Mitt eneste forhold til ham, var at jeg satte stor pris på den grundige og redelige journalistikken han serverte, både på radio og TV, og at jeg visste at han var den typen journalist jeg helst så at jeg selv var.

Og, selvfølgelig, at jeg var klar over at han var far til min gode venn Lars, hvis omgang jeg er henvist til å pleie ad sosiale medier, nå som jeg ikke lenger bebor hovedstaden. Mine tanker går til Lars og familien hans, som har mistet en fin far.

Vi andre har mistet en hedersmann og, i mitt tilfelle, et profesjonelt forbilde.

Steinar Mediaas ble 70 år.

Foto: Skjermdump fra NRK.

Onra: Hope, 2008

Bloggers billedmontasje.

Gode på bunnen

Bo Hansson: De svarta ryttarna – Flykten från vadstället, 1970

På høy tid at gamle Norge fikk litt oppmerksomhet.

Om ikke annet, så i den hjemlige pressen.

VG Spessial.

Memet for oven er naturligvis hjemmesnekret.

Reciprocation is terrorism, too

Last night’s attack on a Finsbury Park Mosque would appear to be an act of retaliation, but make no mistake about it: Any action carried out as an act of revenge is every bit as terroristic as the act it was intended to retaliate, although I notice how easily I’m provoked by muslims using the incident as proof that Christians/European/white people are every bit as bad as Isil.

Having said that, retaliation is not the way to go about this. Au contraire it is exactly what the terrorists want: An all out clash of civilisations (as pointed out on numerous occasions).

The situation calls for calm composure, even if chances are we’ll have just the opposite.

Local summer exhibition 2017

A quick visit to the local gallery Elisabeth G today, shot in a hurry, en route to the ferry – which accounts for the scant selection, consisting of only three.

Sadly data are equally sparse (I didn’t have the time to look for the gallerist’s catalogue, if such a thing indeed exists).

I should, of course, mention that all images are clickable for larger views.

France beware

A huge fan of France’s newly elected and instated president Emmanuel Macron I remain a staunch supporter of his policy and – up until now – suggested measures, saluting his landslide win in the two stages of the recent presidential election.

A victory in today’s legislative election wouldn’t go amiss either, but there’s every reason to sound the alarm should that victory, too, turn out to be overwhelming.

While I lean more in the direction of Macron’s beliefs than in that of any other candidate, I have always been wary of excessive concentration of power.

Before long my French favourite could emerge an absolute and despotic leader (remember, we do seem particularly susceptible to “strong men” these days).

Certainly I salute the French for taking a firm stand against the nationalists, but feel an urge to remind them that dictators come in many shapes and colours – even in the gentlest of appearances.

There’s something very, very scary about democracies with no real opposition.

Photo: France’s president and En Marche! party leader Emmanuel Macron. Photograph from Business France/Flickr