Hard BreXXXit, 2017

Entertaining, I’m sure, if not necessarily arousing.

Hope you’ll have an excellent weekend!

At personlige bilskilt er noe primært amerikanske narsissister holder seg med, er en kjent sak. Prosentuelt vil nok Norge overgå dem, dog. Så kan vi eventuelt trekke hvilke konklusjoner vi måtte ønske av det.

Antallet EL-skilt hadde visst en øvre grense (har de begynt med en ny serie alt?). Bloggers illustrasjon.

Adam West (1928–2017).

Another childhood hero beats the dust.

Together – for a destabilised Middle East.

Illustration: Blogger’s montage.

A Britain divided once again normally wouldn’t call for celebration. Nevertheless, in honour of Jeremy Corbyn’s impressive gain, I thought it only befitting to rustle up a fry-up, full monty, save the sausages (I’d have to go to Marks & Spencer in Oslo in order to get hold of such bare necessities, and I live nowhere near that, as you may well know), and, of course, a cuppa – reminiscing the days of Ted Heath and Harold Wilson, now that the two-party system seems safely reinstated.

I will not, however, attempt to deliver an in-depth analysis of the UK post Brexit chaos, now that the Brits have made themselves utterly irrelevant.

P.S. According to the wife it’s salad for me tonight.

Same thing happens every time someone I know starts acting like a racist asshole in social media.

Unfriended on Facebook

I haven’t a clue what possessed me!

Is it me, or is 21st century NATO beginning to look a lot like the 20th century Warsaw Pact?

Rise and fall

Fun Boy Three: Our Lips Are Sealed, 1983