There’s no denying that I’m tempted to continue regarding North Korea ruler Kim Jong-un with the amusement with which I have viewed him up until recently, but owe it to myself to remind me that even Adolf Hitler, despite his evil nature, was considered quite the clown.

As is Donald J. Trump.

As is Kim Jong-un.

Now that cannot be good.

When domestic politics fail: Go to war

I hate to say “I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so”, which is why I’m very pleased to say that for once my predictions weren’t altogether accurate.

Avid readers may remember how I, in a late December 2016 blog post, appointed the Middle East the new East–West battlefield. Turned out that I was indeed right, but what I failed to see, was the escalation of the Southeast Asian conflict now materialising in North Korea’s armament and the U.S. Navy’s race towards the Korean peninsula’s shores.

The Middle East Midtøsten

Make no mistake about it: We may think the Middle East resembled hell on earth, but I fear we haven’t seen the half of it. With Southeast Asian conflicts on the rise, on top of Russia’s aggressive stance on neighbouring countries, such as Ukraine, it’s safe to say that it’s been some time since we were this close to a potential world war 3, hard as it is to imagine.

Of course it’s all to do with both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin’s lack of success in domestic affairs and their need to show international force, coupled with fellow madman Kim Jong-un’s megalomaniacal delusions.

Kim Jong-un og Malaysia Airlines
Kim Jong-un and Malaysia Airlines aircraft. Blogger’s manipulation.

While I hate to admit failing to see this development in advance, there’s no denying it’s currently playing out right under our noses, and I, for one, am scared shitless.

But it doesn’t stop there: With Brexit underway, and Spain and the UK fighting over Gibraltar, Europe’s stability is at risk, too.

The situation may be diffused, if parties involved are willing to take a step back. At present, however, that doesn’t seem very likely.

And then, of course, there’s Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

At the risk of repeating myself, I think I’d better repeat myself:

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Top illustration: U.S. President Donald J. Trump and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Blogger’s drawing.


Syria: Cause for concern

If the Bush administration succeeded in convincing some of Saddam Hussein’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, we shouldn’t be surprised if the Trump administration manages to convince them of the Shayrat airbase’s part in Syria’s alleged chemical warfare – true or not.

I’m not saying this in defence of Bashar al-Assad. The man is criminal, through and through. Only problem is: With all probablitiy, so is Donald J. Trump.

Caution, is all I’m saying. Let’s not forget Iraq just yet (or Libya, for that matter), and for God’s sake, let us not forget about Russia.

An old phrase – you know whose – immediately springs to mind:

Wollen Sie den totalen Krieg?

Fighting fire with fire

Tonight I call on all civilised nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria [so I’ve launched some 50+ missiles]

President Donald J. Trump last night

On a somewhat more positive note it should be added that western measures were long overdue. Let’s just hope the Shayrat airbase wasn’t manned by Russian troops – or that Mother Russia is looking kindly on an attack on her close Middle East ally.

Also, I’d like to draw your attention to a late December blog post.

Russia Russland Middle East Midtøsten

USA vil innføre elektronikk-forbud – NRK Nyheter

Amerikanske myndigheter vil tirsdag innføre et forbud mot å ha elektroniske enheter større enn mobiltelefoner på USA-flyvninger, fra om lag et dusin land, melder Reuters. Forbudet skal motvirke en uspesifisert terrortrussel.

Kilde: USA vil innføre elektronikk-forbud – NRK Nyheter

Bokbrenning og Entartete Kunst, here we come!

We are no longer amused

My apologies for my failure to make witty remarks at U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s expense lately, but I seem to have reached the point where I have concluded that it can always get worse, and it would seem that it invariably does.

In other words, should I be tempted to react jokingly – or shocked, even – to any of his outrageous statements or actions, we can always put our trust in his ability to trump (!) it on the following day (although more likely the same day).

It simply isn’t fun anymore, and I have ceased to be shocked, so find myself left with jaw constantly in a dropped position (may need to have a doctor look into that), unable to react, due to the surreal qualities of current goings on.

I’m dead serious, you know. If it can help you understand, the situation is best compared to a sitcom in which things get more than just a little out of hand. Or a farce, if you will. They’re never really entertaining.

Photo: U.S. President Donald Trump. Detail from official White house portrait.

I suppose I should be surprised …

In other news

Boy, am I glad I didn’t stay up for that:

No laughing matter?

We all know the story of President Trump’s unlawful dismissal of SDNY US Attorney Preet Bharara yesterday, despite the President’s November assurances to the contrary, after the news broke on Twitter yesterday:

Appalled as I am, by the sum total of President Trump’s conduct in general, this particular dismissal included, there’s no denying that my stance is strongly influenced by the Brits’ humourous approach to Der Führer during WW2, which is why I’m taken aback by a very solemn reprimand for joking remarks on those taking Trump’s words at face value.

After all this President is not to be trusted. Is he?

No, I didn’t think so, so please forgive the lack of surprise every time he proves me right, and, perhaps, the amusement when ever I hear of people who are (surprised).

Granted I do not expect my fellow Trump critics to share my amused – yet downcast – approach. Seeing, however, that the approach worked so well for Britain back in the day, I reserve the right to follow suit.

Donald Trump shower

Which is not to say that I’m not appalled by yesterday’s news. Believe me, I am. If in doubt, please see my Trump postings. However, with despicable news pouring out of The White House on a daily basis, the best approach is to treat it with the ridicule it deserves.

That is my take anyway. But I wouldn’t dream of imposing it on you.

Top photo: President Donald J. Trump hosting “The Apprentice” in his pre-presidential days. Screendump with blogger’s added subtitling.

Any attempt to concentrate power to one out of three branches of government must be opposed vehemently.