Could we, per chance, justify another Spanish civil war, if it, like the last one, yielded another The Fifth Column – or yet a Guernica?

I really wouldn’t know, but something good should come out of this.

In any event, the conduct of generalissimo Francisco Franco’s good old La Guardia Civil, has been a proper disgrace.

So shame on you, Spain.

Estelada blava. The Catalan flag katalonsk flagg Catalonia Katalonia

Top photo: Pablo Picasso’s Guernica, 1937. Oil on canvas, 776.6 x 349.3 centimetres. Catalan flag, the Estelada blava: Blogger’s own drawing.

Pablo Picasso (1881–1973)

Ett arbeid av Pablo Picasso (1881–1973), opprinnelig publisert i bloggerens kunstblogg.

Nature Morte
“Nature Morte”, 1939, Pablo Picasso (1881–1973).  Olje på lerret, 74 x 60 centimeter.

Dagen i dag er for øvrig Picassos dødsdag (8. april 1973).

Bildet er skutt med antikk mobil i KODE Bergen kunstmuseum.